My Cancer Story: Check Up and Doctor Talk


For those of you new to the blog, I had surgery for endometrial cancer three years ago. I now go for checkups every six months. I’m always nervous beforehand, and thus far (knock on wood), elated afterwards.

Hooray! Another good check up. Phew.

I see the oncologist once a year and the gynecologist once a year. This was a gyno visit. I was sad to learn two weeks before my appointment that the doctor who diagnosed my cancer and treated me with great kindness had suddenly retired.

And I was very happy to find out that Dr. Martinelli, my new gynecologist, is upbeat and easy to talk to. In fact, she’s so easy to talk to that we got into the topic of menopausal S-E-X. Dr. Martinelli is a strong advocate for the use of vibrators. Here’s a good article on the topic if you want to read more

And… ta da!  Chapel Hill OB-GYN bought brand new gowns. I’m sporting one in the selfies above and below.

A vibrant new doctor and crisp new gowns are my kind of cancer news.

What about you? Any suggestions for finding a doc that you can really talk to? Mine is young, and I was pleased that despite her youth, she seems attuned to the concerns of a menopausal patient.

(And I didn’t mean to double post this morning. My morning blurry eyes read the dates wrong in wordpress.)