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Thirty-five Years!

Wow. Thirty-five years. That’s a long time!

If someone asked me the secret to a long and happy marriage, being one who likes to give advice, I suppose I could expound a bit.

But I think the real key is to celebrate everything you can from the baby’s brilliant first word to the first spring night when it’s warm enough to eat supper on the porch.

Oh and start off eating cake with buttercream frosting and keep buttercream on the permanent to-do list.

Happy celebration of everything good and happy in our lives and yours!

Photos:¬† Cliff and I were married on August 20, 1977 at Divinity Lutheran Church in Towson, Maryland, followed by a garden reception at my home. The figures on the cake were also on my mom and dad’s cake. My girls turned them down. Too old-fashioned.

Laura, who is wedding dress shopping, did consider wearing my dress, which pleased me. She’s decided ¬†there are some other styles she prefers though. She wants a dress to change into for the dancing and suggested we cut mine off for her to wear then. I said no. My friends Gail and Judy say yes. Opinions?

The photo at the top was taken by Katherine in her living room two Thanksgivings ago.