Last Will and Testament: Signed and Done!

We did it! We finally updated our wills. And we had a wonderful time. For real. Why did we have such a happy and meaningful experience talking about dying?

We’ve been putting this off forever, so signing those suckers felt like a great accomplishment.

Our young lawyer, Shirley Dieffenbach, is whippersnapper sharp, witty, and fun to be around.

The law office was a pleasant place to be. They even brought me a coke one afternoon. A really cold coke.

And since their name is Walker Lambe, they display some eye-catching art.

On any given day, I can get sad, scared, or just plain creeped out when I think about dying. The thought can send me to a very dark place.

But creating a will felt like a great celebration of my life.

Deciding where my money should go gave me a chance to dig deep and think about those I love. And deciding on charitable legacies helped me ponder my beliefs as to what is important in this world.

Making choices on the kind of death I’d like to have made me hopeful that I can go peacefully.

I was so delighted when we finally signed the documents that I took a picture of the pen

and a picture of Cliff signing his.

The day after we signed our wills, we left on a snowbird trip to Cabo, Mexico. Day of the Dead stuff is everywhere.



I drank margaritas next to these lovely ladies knowing that when my time comes, my will is finally in place.

And until then, I’m going to do my best to whoop it up.

What about you? How did you feel writing your will?