Endometrial Cancer


On July 8, 2014, I had surgery for endometrial cancer, a cancer that most often strikes menopausal women. Highly curable, especially if caught early, it’s the most common cancer of the female reproductive system. Let’s get the word out! Early detection is the key. The cancer’s first symptom is usually spotting or bleeding.

I’m going to tell the story of my illness here on Friend for the Ride. If you have questions or comments about endometrial cancer (I’m not an expert or medically trained–I can only share my experience) and would like to chat, email me at BKYounger at gmail.com

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I wrote this post for Sixty and Me. It’s titled “Six Tips for Putting a Positive Spin on Life After Cancer.”

15 thoughts on “Endometrial Cancer”

  1. I look forward to hearing more about this. In the past two years, my immediate family has experienced cancer: pancreatic, lymphoma, testicular and papillary. I feel I am becoming an unwilling expert with the “c” word that I hate. That said, I’m glad you are creating awareness, and that you are doing well (that is the main thing!) Barbara. Thank goodness for that.


  2. Had my hysterectomy January 2013 and I still don’t like waistbands! I really didn’t like them before the surgery.(Just read the bicycle nightgown post) get lots of rest and take care of yourself..Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Amy


  3. Hi. I had my total robotic hysterectomy for endometrial cancer a year ago. Would love to trade tales and information. One of my hopes–goals–is to help women step up and speak up so that the medical community includes them fully in their treatment. Glad you’re doing so well. 🙂


  4. Hi Same story Also have been taking subtucaneos hormones test/ estradiol/ prometrium for 8 years. Im 61 years old – diagnosis came 4 months ago. Go it all everything gone including cervix. No further treatment other than follow ups.

    Think I should continue with pellets? I miss my orgasms. Wondering if I should just let nature take it’s course…or go back to being energetic and orgasmic!


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