The Cabbage Patch! Any takers?


So tell me, is it a good system or a bad one? Reproduction and all the joys and troubles it brings.

Sometimes I think the cabbage patch would have been a better plan.

If babies came from cabbage patches, we wouldn’t have to endure years of periods and then the turmoil of menopause.

Would you trade  the joy of a baby moving in utero for no hormonal woes?

We’d still get to cuddle them, fresh and new; we’d just have to lift a few cabbage leaves to deliver them. How simple would that be?

I suppose there would be a few other rules.

But they could surely be endured with more ease than PMS, cramps, flooding, hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats.

We don’t get to decide, but it’s an interesting question to ponder.

And it gave me an excuse to post the robust head of cabbage I photographed at the North Carolina State Fair.

So fess up!

What’s your pick?

Uterus or cabbage patch?

Multiple Babies In Cabbage Patch, Giant Cabbages 1904

Love this vintage postcard of cabbage patch babies!

5 thoughts on “The Cabbage Patch! Any takers?”

  1. Amusing thought. You could say that with all the new fertility technology that babies are coming from all sorts of places. I’m grateful I could have my 3 the normal way; and would have adopted if I couldn’t have.


  2. Yes….i would miss the 9 month pregnancy as well…… As Lisa said…technology is changing so much…who knows about future!!,


  3. I’ll pass on the cabbage patch, though a novel idea! Even with all my menopausal woes I feel so priviledged to have experienced my two pregnancies / births.


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