It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

I am delighted to have a part in Orange Community Players’ production of It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play. A playwright took the movie and turned it into a vintage radio show. How fun is that!

It’s Christmas Eve, 1946.

I play Rose, George Bailey’s mother. I get to be the sweet Rose, who adores her son. And then I’m the Rose at the boardinghouse who doesn’t remember George once the angel declares George has never been born.

I play Matilda, the receptionist, who has one of the best lines in the play (which I’ll tell you when the play is over).  I play humble Mrs. Thompson during the run on the bank. And I get to be Sadie Vance, the state bank examiner. In that scene, I go up against my good friend Bernie Nord. We shoot each other daggers!

(In the photo below, I’m actually stepping in for a fellow actor during rehearsal.)

We’re using vintage microphones and sound effects just like those done in radio days. Our sound effects people, called “Foley Artists,” are part of the production and do a fabulous job. They can also sing and double as the very adorable Barrymore Sisters.


The rest of the cast and crew are just as adorable as the Barrymore Sisters, and our director, Lisa Woodward, is masterful at bringing out the best in the actors and the story.

Since I don’t have a super large speaking part, I’ve got lots of downtime on stage, officially called “business.”  I’m bringing my aunt’s forties purse.

Inside are photos of my mom and dad in the forties and a letter my dad sent my mom from the Pacific during World War Two. I’ve got an old compact in the purse too and lipstick and a nail file. Hopefully, these items will keep my busy onstage as I wait for my turn at the mic.


If you live near HIllsborough, do come to the show.  Here’s the scoop on tickets.  

And if you can’t come to the show, stay tuned for a post-production report.

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