Grandmas Take Note: A New Picture Book about the Potty!


A post by picture book author and mother of four, Laura Gehl:

One of the things I am looking forward to about being a grandma is getting to revisit all the stages my kids have outgrown. Like the stage when a baby falls asleep on your chest. And the stage when a little one holds on to your hand and toddles unsteadily along. And the super-fun stage of potty training.

Wait. No. I’m NOT looking forward to revisiting that one. And I don’t know anyone who has enjoyed potty training the first or second time around.

But I am truly excited to have a new book out that might make potty training a little more fun for parents and kids alike: PEEP AND EGG: I’M NOT USING THE POTTY.

In this book, the fourth in the PEEP AND EGG series, Egg is absolutely determined not to use the potty. And no amount of lemonade, running water, or toilet paper tutus is going to change her mind. Until things start to get a little uncomfortable….

Amazon Link: Here’s the link for PEEP AND EGG: I’M NOT USING THE POTTY (which will  take you to Laura’s other wonderful books, too).

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Coloring sheets for this book, and all four Peep and Egg books, are available on Laura’s website:

Laura Gehl is the author of popular picture books including ONE BIG PAIR OF UNDERWEAR (illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld), MY PILLOW KEEPS MOVING (illustrated by Christopher Weyant), and the PEEP AND EGG series (illustrated by Joyce Wan). Her next release will be I GOT A CHICKEN FOR MY BIRTHDAY (illustrated by Sarah Horne), a story about how an unexpected and unwanted gift may turn out to be the Best Present Ever! Laura lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland with her husband and four children. Visit her online at



Peep and Egg: A Picture Book Giveaway


A post by writer Laura Gehl:

Peep and Egg: Is It an Easter Book?

“OH! Is it an Easter book?” a young mother asked me at a bookstore reading, picking up Peep and Egg: I’m Not Hatching.

“Oooh,” another mom said.  “This would be perfect to put in an Easter basket.”


Then at my book club, a friend referred to Peep and Egg as a great Easter book and immediately clapped her hand over her mouth.  “Oops,” she said.

I understood the “Oops.”  My family, as my friend knows, does not celebrate Easter. And it is true that I never thought of Peep and Egg as an Easter book.  A book about overcoming fears, yes.  A book about the importance of siblings, absolutely.  A spring book, sure.


But…I LOVE the idea of Peep and Egg as an Easter book!  Any holiday that is special to any family is a great excuse to buy a book, or just to read a book together.  If Peep and Egg can be part of Easter celebrations for families that celebrate the holiday, can be part of their joy and togetherness on that day, I AM ALL FOR IT!


So, for those who celebrate Easter, YES, IT IS AN EASTER BOOK!  Pop a copy in your child or grandchild’s Easter basket, and read it together while munching on chocolate eggs.  For those who do not celebrate Easter, I hope Peep and Egg will be there to help you and your child celebrate other important days—and to keep you company on the ordinary days, and to help you through the scary days.

Amazon Link: Here’s the link to Peep and Egg.


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Hen and Ink

I’m happy to celebrate the publication of Peep and Egg by offering a copy to two lucky winners. For a chance to win, please enter a comment by March 10. Thanks!


Laura Gehl is the author of ONE BIG PAIR OF UNDERWEAR, a Charlotte Zolotow Highly Commended Title, International Literacy Association Honor Book, and Booklist Books for Youth Editors’ Choice for 2014; HARE AND TORTOISE RACE ACROSS ISRAEL and AND THEN ANOTHER SHEEP TURNED UP (both PJ library selections for 2015 and 2016); and PEEP AND EGG: I’M NOT HATCHING, an Amazon Best Book of the Month for February 2016.

A former science and reading teacher, Laura also writes about science for children and adults.  She lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland with her husband and four children. Visit Laura online at, where you can also find free printable Peep and Egg activity sheets and instructions for receiving a free autographed Peep and Egg bookplate.

Top Photo: Laura’s biggest fans–her own four kids!

The Book’s Illustrations: Learn more about artist Joyce Wan here.


One Big Pair of Underwear! A Picture Book Giveaway



A guest post from writer Laura Gehl:

Woo-hoo!  Barbara asked me to write a guest post about UNDERWEAR in honor of my debut picture book One Big Pair of Underwear, illustrated by the fabulous Tom Lichtenheld.  What could be more fun than writing about underwear?


First, quick question: do you prefer the word “underwear” or the word “panties?”  Personally, I love the word underwear and hate the word panties.  The word panties actually makes me cringe.  I do like the expression “Put on your big girl panties,” though.  If you are not familiar with this expression, here is how it can hypothetically be used:

An editor I really love rejected my book, so I want to lie on the couch, eat chocolate, watch junky TV, and cry.  But instead, I am going to put on my big girl panties and get back to work. (Note: this may or may not be a real scenario from my life.)


Having the word underwear in the title of a children’s book is a surefire way to hook readers and book-buyers.  Wonderful, right?  Mostly.  The one problem is that some readers are apparently disappointed when they discover that my book is also about bears, yaks, goats, candy bars, hockey sticks, and jet skis.  In fact, the only negative comments I have received about One Big Pair of Underwear were from people who felt underwear deserved a more prominent role in the book.

So, to atone for my sins (i.e. writing a book that is actually about counting and sharing, then drawing in unsuspecting readers with a picture of giant underwear on the cover), I will now talk ONLY about underwear for a few minutes.

I’ll start with some fun underwear facts (I can’t promise these are 100% accurate):

Ten percent of women own more than thirty-five pairs of underwear.

  1. The average woman owns twenty-one pairs of underwear.
  2. Nine percent of men have worn the same underwear for ten years.
  3. There is a world record for wearing the most pairs of underwear at one time. In 2010, this record was 215 pairs, set by a 10-year-old.  In 2012, a new record was set at least twice…first by a woman, who put on 252 pairs, and then by a man, who put on 302 pairs.
  4. Even squirrels wear underwear these days. Fortunately, you can buy boy or girl squirrel underwear on Amazon, so you have the ability to outfit your squirrels from the convenience, and privacy, of your own home.

Now, a more serious underwear question to ponder: If an astronaut lives on the International Space Station for six months, or 180 days, and if there is no washing machine on the International Space Station…or within 250 miles…what is that astronaut supposed to do with 179 pairs of dirty underwear?

And, in conclusion, some (sort of) serious answers.

  1. Astronauts don’t actually get to wear clean underwear every day. They have to wear the same pair for 3 days, or longer.
  2. Huge amounts of built-up dirty underwear are placed in a non-reusable spacecraft and de-orbited, which means that the spacecraft and all dirty underwear aboard burn up in the atmosphere.
  3. Scientists are working on ways to get bacteria to eat the astronauts’ used underwear. Which really gives a whole new meaning to the idea of edible underwear.

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Laura Gehl is the author of One Big Pair of Underwear, illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld, which released in September 2014 from Simon & Schuster.  Laura is also the author of four other upcoming picture books.  None of the other four books are about underwear, but Laura hopes you will consider reading them anyway.  Visit Laura online at and