Downsizing: Spare the Pig?

Piggy Bank

I bought Piggy at Pier One when I was in high school. He lived in my bedroom, and I filled him with quarters.

For the last twenty years or so, Piggy has resided on a bookcase in our upstairs hall. Cliff’s been feeding him loose change.This piggy bank is loaded! There’s no way to open him up to retrieve the money.

Piggy Bank

How tempting to take a hammer and liberate all those coins. I could treat Cliff to a beer or two at one of Hillsborough’s watering holes or buy myself a few bars of elegant soap. Maybe both! Better yet, I could donate the coins to our church’s collection for the hungry.

I’m fond of my piggy bank, but he’s not on my Keep Until I Die List. I’ve got other mementos from high school. The downsizing project continues! So smash and retrieve the coins? Or give Piggy away? Let someone else make that difficult decision?

Piggy Bank

I’ve finally got my answer (I think), but I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Anyone else have a similar downsizing dilemma?

23 thoughts on “Downsizing: Spare the Pig?”

  1. Try the “Does it spark joy?” test recommended in the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.
    I am getting good results following her advice…you should see my sock drawer! Of course it’s easier to get rid of unloved socks than a decades old pig.


    1. I’ve got a post coming up on the book! Love it! It’s helped me enormously. Piggy sparks partial joy, so he’s a tricky one. (But I bet not major joy or I wouldn’t be considering giving him away.) Of course all those quarters inside complicates it a bit!


  2. Does the pig still have coins from 40 years ago? A piggy bank that has never been raided? If yes it is a keeper. Sorry not to lighten your load but save the pig!


  3. What a beautiful, Pig! Why don’t you wrap him up in tissue paper and save him for your beautiful Grandson. He can be the one to break it open when he’s old enough to use a hammer, with parental supervision, of course. Sort of like breaking open a piñata…


  4. I’d be tempted to gently tap a pinhole in the bottom with a needle and then try to enlarge it with small nicks and finally get the change out. It would probably work if you taped the entire pig surface, except for the circle you want to open. Maybe I’m dreaming but… Oh, the dilemma.


  5. I always used the “Stick a thin knife blade in the slot and guide the coins out” method with my piggy banks. (Obviously, I never amassed much money in them!) Maybe you could keep the money and give the bank to Mazen to fill again himself??
    Fondly, Janet


    1. Wow. Amazing! Love to have you write us a post about it!

      I am giving more and more away. Just donated some of my old doll items to a charity auction. It gets easier the more you give away. So freeing!

      On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 10:08 PM, Friend For The Ride wrote:



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