Goodbye Period: Five Reasons I’m Happy and Five Reasons I’m Sad

Date of my most recent period?

2007, I think.

Nothing like filling out the form at your gynecologist’s office to make  you realize your period days really are over.

When you’re in the midst of periods, you think it’s going to be fabulous to be done.

But to my surprise, I found some bittersweet elements to being finished with periods.

And I’m delighted that Period! Magazine published my reflections. Read my article, “Goodbye Period! Five Reasons I’m Happy and Five Reasons I’m sad” right here.

Here’s the Dutch version. Very exciting to have my words translated.

What about you? If you’re finished, do you miss your period at all?

If not, can you even imagine missing your period?

And from our friends at Slumber Cloud, some herbal ideas and tea recipes for those in perimenopause and those in menopause.

14 thoughts on “Goodbye Period: Five Reasons I’m Happy and Five Reasons I’m Sad”

  1. I will not miss it when it’s gone. I have previously used birth control methods that stalled it for months, even years (Mirena), and I worried beforehand that the lack of period would be upsetting. I worried that I’d be constantly taking pregnancy tests to reassure myself.

    It. Was. Bliss. No worries, no conflicted emotions, just Bliss.

    Mine isn’t particularly troublesome, but given my family history, it could be around another 10 years. I’m used to it, I’ll manage until it does stop, but I will not miss it.


  2. Thrilled to have it gone!!! Never missed anything about it. I was lucky that I didn’t have bad periods ever. And lucky that menopause was relatively easy too. But was thrilled when it was done and over with.


    1. Two years on from my last period I too am glad to be done with them. I guess I was lucky that generally my periods weren’t too bad, although towards the end they did become irregular, which meant I had to be prepared just in case. A good job too as my last one started at work about 8 months after the previous one.


  3. Nope, haven’t missed it at all. My periods were hell for 40+ years, so I’m totally at peace with their constant pain and random surprises. Only one thing bugs me, and that’s that I still squirm when thinking I’m sewn up like a tube sock in there (hysterectomy). That ‘closed door’ has never sat right with me.


    1. Gosh I am so sorry you suffered for so long. I wish surgery were an option for more women with horrific periods. I’ve had a bit of after-stuff from my cancer hysterectomy, but I found the surgery to be mild enough that I would suggest it to anyone going through period-hell. I don’t think insurance companies will cover it though.

      About your squirming. Is it physical discomfort or does it creep you out mentally? I have some of the mental stuff but not tons.

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  4. Don’t miss it at all – for the last few years it was so inconsistent I never knew when it would surprise me….sometimes every few weeks other times months between periods but apparently that is quite normal approaching the grand finale. I do miss the estrogen though, if only it could stay everything would be perfect!


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