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Grandma Update: Mother Goose!


When Iona and Peter Opie had their first child, they became intrigued with the origins of the rhymes they found themselves singing and saying to the baby. Those baby days launched their careers as Mother Goose scholars.

And now Maze is listening to Mother Goose.

He’s a Mother Goose scholar too!

So this Grandma Update is mostly to say that while there’s so much new under the sun for today’s babies, here’s to the rhymes that have danced the test of baby-time.

Oh and here’s to babies!

Babies everywhere!

For there is nothing, nothing in the whole world, like a baby.

And I bet the grand dame, the great Mother Goose herself,would agree,

Diddley, diddley dee!

Photo Above: ┬áSon-in-law Matt reads to my grandson. I wonder if he’s read Maze the introduction, written by Iona Opie. This is My Very First Mother Goose, illustrated by Rosemary Wells. I love this book for baby presents and give it often.

Photo Below:  The Opies researching playground rhymes and ditties as they skipped rope with British schoolchildren.