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Prolapse: Fix It with Duct Tape?

When I was in fifth and sixth grade, we girls used to sit on the bleachers at recess and discuss the horror of it all:  We were going to get periods.  It truly was a shock to most of us.  How could our bodies go so wonky?

But don’t ask me why, when I read menopause articles as a grownup,  I didn’t let this fact sink in:   Bad stuff  can happen to the girl parts.   Well I guess I should call them “lady parts.”   (Ah, to be a girl again.)  Dryness, pain, atrophy, AND pelvic organ prolapse.

The websites and medical advice books push kegels.  Kegels to PREVENT  prolapse.

So everybody, right now, wherever you are, kegel away.

(If you don’t know how, check out this site from the mayo clinic.)

Kegel.  Kegel.  Kegel. Kegel.  Kegel.

My doctor says kegels really do the trick for many women.  For others, it may not be so simple.

My mom had a tough time with  prolapse, a few years ago, so I’m wondering, if despite kegels,  prolapse is in my future.  If you’ve had prolapse and would be willing to write us a post, I know others would appreciate reading about your experiences in case they’re in the same boat.  We can keep your name off the post, if you like.

Break for more kegels!

Kegel.  Kegel.  Kegel.  Kegel.  Kegel.

I’m not a medical professional,and except for my kegel coaching and the Mayo Clinic site, I haven’t given you much information here, but I wanted to at least touch on the topic of pelvic organ prolapse and menopause.

Oh and I do know that you can’t fix prolapse with duct tape, but I wanted an excuse to show you the beautiful folder I made with this amazing stuff.  I love the  tape with the paint splotches the best.

16 thoughts on “Prolapse: Fix It with Duct Tape?”

  1. Barbara, I think you should send out a multi-time-a-day Kegel reminder! Or invent the phone ap that
    buzzes to remind us to Kegel. Kegel. Kegel. Kegel. Kegel. Kegel.
    Thanks for almost-always making me laugh my way through the ‘pause.


    1. Oh my gosh! Can you image an “app for that!” You’re in the line at the grocery store and your phone starts making little Kegel noises? Too funny! It could sound like a little frog, but instead of going “ribbit, ribbit, ribbit” it would go “kegel, kegel, kegel.” Okay Apple… get to work on that! I just have to laugh.

      And yes, Barb, could you set a timer of some sort on your blog for us? I can imagine it going off as I’m sitting here with my laptop and my husband is sitting across from me in his chair watching TV:

      “Do I hear a timer going off?”

      “Never you mind, dear. Just keep your eye on Jeopardy.”


  2. I thought you could fix just about anything with duct tape and bailing wire…but maybe not. Kegel. Kegel. Kegel. Kegel. My doctor (a women) told me to Kegel at stoplights.


    1. Stoplights! Good idea. Thanks for the tip. Irene.

      PS. I tried to contact you through your website. I’d love to have you do a guest post–I know you’re busy but please consider….


  3. I love how the “men” tell us to do those Kegels. I’m not sure about prolapse- I know my grandmother had it and some diaphram type device. I’ve had surgery for the leakage issue- there’s some sort of mesh string inserted vaginally. It was an easy procedure done by a urologist and seems to have worked for years. Finding some issues now with all the cycling. Maybe TMI for a blog post!


    1. Please please write us a post. It’s great to read it’s not a hard procedure because the websites make it sound sort of scary.


      1. ok.. will get to it– I don’t even remember what it was called- will have to look it up. First time divulging medical stuff. Will try for end of next week or the following, ok?


  4. barbara, i keep an email you sent me years ago. all it says is KEGEL KEGEL KEGEL!!!!
    thank you for your reminders and your humorous take on these not so funny topics!


    1. Yep, because my mom, girls, minister, and some of my students read this blog, I haven’t been brave enough to write about S-E-X.


  5. Barbara, you and your 5th/6th grade buddies sat on the bleachers and discussed getting your periods? Why do I not find this surprising.


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