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Ten Tips from the Menopause Owl

“WHOO!  WHOO,” says the Wise Ms. Menopause Owl. “I have ten tips for you!”


I tricked you, so you would read my post.  I don’t know if there really IS a Menopause Owl, but until she makes her apprearance, I’ll post these tips myself.

I researched the reasons why owls are revered for their wisdom.  One is they can see in the dark.  How cool if we could see our way through the sometimes darkness of menopause with special eyes.

I sure couldn’t.  But here are some tips I would give a younger me right before the Great Pause hooted my way.

1. Speak up-about moodiness, physical symptoms, all of it. Don’t suffer in silence.

2. Don’t make a stranger of your doctor. Visit. Email. Call. Ask. And if after a visit or so, your doctor still feels like a stranger, find another doctor.

3. Don’t expect menopause to necessarily be a quick process. For me, one symptom would go away but another would appear. This is still happening!

4. Be watchful of  what you eat. I found all the menopause weight gain stories to be true.  The weight flies on. I wish I had been more careful.

5. If doctors, therapists, and buddies are suggesting you are depressed and need medication, explore the possibility that this is the Great Pause first.  (Guest post on this topic to come.)

6. Lotions and creams are your magic potions: moisturizer, sunscreen, conditioners, and lubricants. Estrogen cream may rescue you from vaginal dryness, which can cause not only pain but intense pressure.

7. If you find yourself tossing in bed for more than a half hour or so, sometimes it’s best to just get up for a while. This wiggles my brain around and puts it back into a sleep mode.  I let myself get wide awake, contrary to the advice in most articles. I write, do dishes, straighten drawers, answer email, whatever.

8. Exercise does everything it promises to. Big bad hormones hate exercise . It scares them away, making you feel better, sometimes within the first ten minutes or so.

9. Make changes. As you feel  yourself changing, make some.  Small changes, larger ones. Good ones.  Change helps us climb out of ruts and feel like we’re the boss, which in many ways we are!

10. Appreciate the sisterhood of the ages.  Women have gone through menopause for centuries. Let their spirits bolster yours.

Photo: The owl above lives on the first outfit I bought for my grandson-to-be. More funky than classic, I found the decorated onesie at an arts festival in Durham. I hope my grandson will have wise eyes and steady wings and lots of fun as he flaps and soars through life.

13 thoughts on “Ten Tips from the Menopause Owl”

  1. Excellent tips to share with “Younger Barbara.” (Ha! THAT worked out sort of silly.)

    Isn’t hindsight amazing?! What I liked the most, I think, is the sleep tip. What I liked about it is that sometimes you have to give all the “experts” the boot and do what you know works. So, yeah, get up and roam the house if you can’t sleep. I had many nights when I felt trapped in bed, not sleeping, doing all the things they said to do. After a few years of this, I figured, what the hell? I got up, threw on all the lights in the house, watched TV, ate, read, walked out on the balcony, and just enjoyed my waking hours. And you’re right… it didn’t take long to get tired.

    And, yes… make changes, and let other women’s spirits bolster yours. And share your stories, always. Thank you again, Barbara, for another thoughtful post.


    1. Oh glad to know it works for others too. I have friends who say they laid in bed for hours–just way better to get up.

      Love the Younger Barbara. Ha. Wish this Barbara were younger!


  2. Sleep! I miss those nights long ago when I laid down, fell asleep quickly, and slept right through the night. No more! I’m up until 4am OR wake up at 4am OR wake up at 2am and then don’t fall asleep again until 4am. (Why is everything 4 am????) During and since menopause I go through all the possible sleep dysfunctions. I have to just roll with it; the sleep goddess ignores complaints.


  3. I love your owl onsie! And your tips for insomnia too! I do the same thing, started going into the guest room to read, so as not to disturb hubbie and away from snoring dog. I’m starting to believe in the whole 2 master bedroom thing 🙂


    1. I go into the other room in the middle of the night some too. Husband hates it, but now I understand why the little old ladies at our church used to tell us younger types years ago that we’d all have separate bedrooms someday.


  4. these menopause sleeping arrangements intrigue me!!! gosh…i never considered 2 bedrooms…i don’t know what to think of it!! :0


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