Change: Should You? Could You? Would You?


This guy/gal really strikes me!  Wow. Talk about natural beauty!

But is it really true we shouldn’t change for anyone?

Not even one tiny bit?

I want people to change for me, sometimes.

And I don’t want being older to mean I’m so sure of myself that I’m not willing to consider changing.

Menopause has made me bolder in some ways, more mellow and humble in others. I’m more willing to look at my faults, to analyze what’s not working, and to think maybe, after all, there are parts of Barbara I could change.

I’ll consider changing, some, for others, especially if it strikes an ah yes, you are right chord.

What about you?

Photo: Check out the cool graphics on Happiness in Your

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    • I hope I’m learning to be more adaptable. I can do pretty well unless the WiFi goes out–then I want to climb the walls…

  1. I like to think we are evolving slowly every day. Thank goodness for change. If I stayed the same for my whole life I don’t think I could stand it. As for changing for others, I think flexibility in each different situation is key. I know that I have made changes in myself to keep a successful marriage going. 🙂

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