Wedding Update: Invitations! (and a Minted Giveaway)


When your daughter is planning her wedding, your thoughts often go back to your own big day.

Holy Matrimony!  Have weddings and wedding products changed since then!

Check out the festive invitations you can find at Minted.com

Thirty-some years ago, non-traditional invitations were just coming into fashion.

But my mom and I stuck to tradition and what we thought was proper:  engraved invitations on cream colored paper.

Years later, they seem oh so boring :

Wedding Invitation

We thought the butterfly stamps made the RSVP envelope look festive. This was as cutting edge as we got:


Nowadays you send out Save the Date cards too.  (A quite practical innovation, especially for a destination wedding.) Laura had a wonderful time designing the one in the top photo  from the selections at Minted.

Although the bride won’t let me show you her actual wedding invitations yet, I can promise you they bear no resemblance to my cream colored invites.

A few days ago, I met another mother of the bride.

It’s always fun to compare notes.

“All I  asked of her,” the mom said, drawing out her wedding words, “is that she use traditional invitations.”

Not me.

I’m rolling with the times.

The more festive the better!

Giveaway:  Minted sells all sorts of colorful and creative paper products from invitations to journals to note cards to party decor. They’re offering one Friend for the Ride reader a fifty dollar credit toward your next order. No other purchases required.

To enter the giveaway, simply post a comment by April 10 saying that you’d like to win. Winner will be chosen at random.

Invitations Below: If I could pick my wedding invitations all over again, here are some I’d consider  from Minted.










31 thoughts on “Wedding Update: Invitations! (and a Minted Giveaway)”

  1. Wow! Things sure have changed. I must say, I do love the new invitations/ideas. So colorful and fun. Yes, I would LOVE to win the Minted.com giveaway. Thank you, Barbara! (Going in now to do some window shopping.)

    And thanks for sharing your invitation with us. I think they pretty much all looked like that back then, didn’t they? 😉


  2. I’ll like to win. Thanks for keeping us posted on fresh/new ideas for when that time come in our lives. I agree with you, the more festive, the better. Love your posts


  3. Count me in as one who would love to win this giveaway. I still love writing notes and cards the old fashion way. As for wedding invitations,mine was a very non-traditional embossed invitation, but compared to the new ones out today, it would still be considered very traditional.I love the colors and designs. I’m with you Barbara, I would choose something bright and colorful.


  4. I like the new, more personalized, informal invitations, too. I can’t remember the last time I received a traditional, formal one. (Enter me to win, please.)


  5. I think J used something like this, not sure which site though. The expense for the traditional engraved piece of paper was ridiculous! She has yet to do a baby announcement, so I’ll tell her about this site! Thanks, and I’d love to enter!!


  6. What a flashback! I was married 3 weeks before you and had EXACTLY the same invitations and even used the butterfly stamp as well. Still have some of the matching “Mr and Mrs…” cards we used for our thank you notes.
    Would love to win some new paper!


    1. Oh fun! We were so thrilled with the butterfly stamp. I have “Mrs. Clifford Albert Younger” cards that I used for thank you notes. I suppose I should use them up but they seem so old school!


  7. My invites looked just like yours did. It’s so fun now that things are different and so creative! My daughters are both so artistic it will be interesting to see what they choose and I have no problem letting them pass on the “traditional” invites of our day!


  8. I remember getting a lecture from the man who owned the only store in town that printed invitations. “You can’t embarrass your family like that. You must go with the traditional.” He talked me out of the lovely, tacky invitations I wanted. Oh, dear, they had a little color! tiny flowers, perhaps?


  9. I would SO love to win! I am very picky and have been looking for some stationary for my new job (first one out of college!) and have been hard pressed to find any that I really love and really express who I am simply. However, I LOVE almost all of Minted’s! It would be such a blessing for this broke college grad to win! 🙂 Thanks!


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