The Care Organizer (and a Giveaway!)

The Care Organizer Two

Margaret Mintz tells the story behind this innovative care organizer:

My business partner and I created this notebook for keeping track of information, referrals, medical visits and tests, based on our own experiences of caring for our parents when unexpected emergencies occurred.

We are long-time friends and after these difficult and exhausting periods of dropping everything to help our parents and coordinate care with our siblings, we would take a deep breath and talk about how we had to go through piles of notes to find that doctor’s referral, or notes from medical appointments or anything else.

These conversations motivated us to design a notebook-style organizer that would have been great to have if it had existed.

We took a lot of time considering the most convenient formats.

Both of us wanted a notebook that was portable, to carry to appointments or the emergency room, and easy to write in for taking notes and recording information.

We created six clearly labeled tabbed sections to keep information organized and easy to find.

For the “Emergency Information” section we thought about what a physician would want to know about a patient when he or she arrived at the emergency room, so we included a format to enter information about Medical Conditions, Recent Hospitalizations & ER Visits, Current Medications, and Recent Surgical History and Medical Procedures.

We take special pride in our unique “Contacts A to Z” section, which is an alphabetical directory where contact information can be entered for all types of practitioners that might be needed, as well as facilities, support groups and programs and helpful websites.

And we hope that the list might serve as prompts for ideas of types of providers and services that might not have occurred to someone before.

For example, I had never heard of a Care Manager until a hospital social worker suggested one to me.

Although the impetus to create “The Care Organizer” came out of caring for our parents, as we developed it we realized that it would work well for ourselves as well, to keep track of ongoing medical care and to have available for family members in case something unexpected happened.

So we consider it helpful for managing the care of others – family members or friends – and yourself, and for keeping those who are sharing care of someone else up to date.

Here’s a look at one of the emergency information pages:


And here’s a page in the notes and records section:


To learn more about the organizer and/or to purchase one, visit the website here.

Giveaway:  Margaret is giving away an organizer to one Friend for the Ride reader.  Thanks, Margaret!  To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment by June 15 saying that you’d like to win.  (U.S. only due to postage rates.)

About herself, Margaret writes:  I was a painter and graphic designer and after raising my children, who are now young adults, I am a small business owner. I live in New York City with my husband and cat, and my children from time to time. In the last few years, whenever I see old friends in my age group, I find that our conversation keeps circling back to the care of our parents.

Margaret Mintz

24 thoughts on “The Care Organizer (and a Giveaway!)”

  1. The Care Organizer is such a good idea. I’m just getting to that point with elder relatives and it would be a great help to have it all in one place.


  2. This is an excellent concept. When I took care of my elderly parents, I just used a simple spiral notebook for each one, but this organization is so much better. I would like one as I see others who are going to need care in my future.


    1. As you know from your experience, it is helpful to have different sections so it is easier to find the information you need. Good luck, it sounds like you have been and will be a caregiver for family members.


  3. I have a loved one who recently entered into a nursing facility and there is SO much to keep track of,t his is a genius idea!


  4. Great idea! I did something like this when my kids went off to College, just to help them keep track of all the important things as they moved forward in their years at school (we included also, medical insurance, legal documents, etc. etc.). I would love to win one for my parents (and Godmother), but if I don’t I will be working on one for each, like starting now!


  5. I work as a private duty nurse with children with chronic health issues. One visit to a new specialist (or to any physician who has seen the child at some point) makes the need for such an organizer painfully clear! Don’t expect your doctors to keep your history at hand or to communicate effectively with each other. Computer data bases are becoming more common, which should help a bit, but at present many (most?) data-inputers cannot be relied upon to be complete and correct.
    p.s. Please put my name in the drawing!


    1. Yes – we wanted to make it easy for the patient or the caregiver to find information as needed at appointments or in the emergency room. So if for instance, a physician wants to know when and where a patient had an X-ray or a scan, that information is easily located in the Medical Tests portion of the Notes & Records section. In the same tabbed section there are many pages devoted to Medical Appointments, with room to write questions to ask, and reminders to bring relevant materials such as x-rays, medication list, health insurance forms and reports, and then space to take notes during the appointment.


  6. Excellent idea! I only have a spiral bound notebook that I keep and so I would love to have a chance to win one of those!! Thanks!!!


  7. Thanks for making this a giveaway! My first baby is due in August, and I’d love to have this or something similar for the medical records. I could use it for my husband and myself too


  8. This is great tool for keeping information organized and handy all in one journal. Thanks for offering this giveaway!


  9. Would love this. I presently use a spiral notebook and calendar. Better than nothing but not efficient.
    Thanks for the chance to have one.


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