Confession: I Am a Pantyhose Nerd

A few weeks ago at a bridal shower, a friend pointed to my legs and said in a voice of astonishment, “You’re wearing pantyhose!”

She was right. It’s true.

As the world has turned against pantyhose, I embrace them. Here’s why.

  • In cooler weather, they keeps my legs at least somewhat warm.
  • They  smooth out all imperfections in the skin on my legs. Pantyhose cover pokey veins too.
  • Dress shoes eat my feet. When I wear pantyhose, I have no trouble with blisters. I know I could wear the footie things, but they slip down. Plus they hide in my dresser drawers, never to be found again.

I don’t find pantyhose uncomfortable like so many women do. I buy a size that fits me well.

I don’t wear them in the summer. They definitely are hot. But the rest of the year, I’m a pantyhose girl.

Menopause brings bravery and a what the hell attitude (some of the time). Yet I am definitely interested in staying stylish and watching the nerd appeal as I age.

So what to do? Wear them or not?

I’ve decided to be a pantyhose nerd. I wear super nude shades (to try to hid the fact I’m wearing them) and in the winter, black sometimes, which I swear still looks stylish under the right dresses.

What about you? Are you a pantyhose nerd or do you hate them? Do tell!

24 thoughts on “Confession: I Am a Pantyhose Nerd”

  1. I understand the dilemma! Seemingly passe, I still believe there are times when panty hose help put my best foot forward. I don’t want to seem antiquated, but bare legs sometimes pose a challenge depending on the dress and/or occasion.


      1. I am wearing pantyhose in my mom’s clothes along told me to stay out of her clothes but I can’t do it


  2. Not a nylons girl. However, when I see a woman wearing them, I think she’s more pulled together and dressed than one who isn’t.


  3. This topic came up in some conversation a few days ago. We debated whether they actually manufactured panty hose any more! Obviously they do! I can’t stand them and haven’t worn them since I was working back in the 1990s. But then I very rarely wear a dress. I am also fond of black opaque tights in the winter time – I get cold, even wearing pants – and they look good under skirts or dresses, I think.


  4. I don’t have good legs so anything that helps! I wear dresses or skirts that come to mid leg. In the winter I wear tights/black panty hose. In the summer I don’t wear hose but my hemline is long enough to hide most of my leg issues. Textured and black hose is making a come back according to my fashionista 30 year old!


  5. I’m with you Barb! I wear them in the winter and cool weather bc I don’t want my legs to be COLD! Never in summer time bc they are too much then. Nothing looks more odd to me that a woman wearing a wool coat over a dress but no stockings! If it’s cold enough for a coat, it’s cold enough for stockings! And they do make a more polished look imo! Look at Kate Middleton. She wears them! I rest my case! 🙂


  6. Wearing Hose definitely makes for a more polished look when you are wearing a nice dress or skirt. And they do provide some warmth in the winter. Bare legs just do not look finished to me. However, I deal with it by mostly wearing pants—I have never really liked wearing dresses. You don’t have to worry about hose or no hose or legs that are too white. And I think you can wear more comfortable shoes with pants. And there are dressy pants outfits if you need to dress up.


    1. Isn’t it funny how some people hate them and then people like me don’t at all? But I do hate them if they are too tight or roll down. I’ve had a few occasions where I thought they might go all the way down!


  7. When I taught I wore colored tights to match my outfits. I loved crazy patterns- stripes, paisleys, whatever to get the kids attention. When I left teaching, I gave many of the tights to the art teacher for projects. I still love opaques in winter but more blacks, browns, and navy etc. As for pantyhose– wear only when I have to dress up and that’s rare. Bare legs in summer. Here’s my post on the subject:


  8. I didn’t hate them when I wore them, I found lovely light support hose at JC Penney’s that a flight attendant friend told me about. They were nice shades, nice texture, nice price, and lasted longer than other types of hosiery.

    Then I moved south, and I don’t wear hose for years, sometimes decades at a time. It’s just one more thing to keep track of. I prefer long skirts so there’s nothing to cover up. I did buy some fleece-lined tights for a business trip to Boston in January a few years ago, but other than that, nope!


  9. I realize that I’m a little late to this party but count me in as a pantyhose girl! I don’t really think there’s anything nerdy about wearing an article of clothing that makes me feel put-together and completes my overall look.
    To each their own, but I even think they’re comfortable if you find the right size…
    None of my friends in my age group wear nylons but I seriously don’t mind; some of them have actually complimented my outfits and asked what brand of pantyhose I’m wearing.
    Bare legs have there place but so does a nice pair of sheer hosiery.


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