Confession: I Am a Pantyhose Nerd

A few weeks ago at a bridal shower, a friend pointed to my legs and said in a voice of astonishment, “You’re wearing pantyhose!”

She was right. It’s true.

As the world has turned against pantyhose, I embrace them. Here’s why.

  • In cooler weather, they keeps my legs at least somewhat warm.
  • They¬† smooth out all imperfections in the skin on my legs. Pantyhose cover pokey veins too.
  • Dress shoes eat my feet. When I wear pantyhose, I have no trouble with blisters. I know I could wear the footie things, but they slip down. Plus they hide in my dresser drawers, never to be found again.

I don’t find pantyhose uncomfortable like so many women do. I buy a size that fits me well.

I don’t wear them in the summer. They definitely are hot. But the rest of the year, I’m a pantyhose girl.

Menopause brings bravery and a what the hell attitude (some of the time). Yet I am definitely interested in staying stylish and watching the nerd appeal as I age.

So what to do? Wear them or not?

I’ve decided to be a pantyhose nerd. I wear super nude shades (to try to hid the fact I’m wearing them) and in the winter, black sometimes, which I swear still looks stylish under the right dresses.

What about you? Are you a pantyhose nerd or do you hate them? Do tell!