Breast Pain in Menopause

Statue Lady

You might guess the lady above is thinking poetic marble lady thoughts.


She’s in a grump because her top hurts.

She hasn’t had a period for over two years, but the other day her top starting hurting like it did in her PMS days.

And so our marbled friend, while pleased about her hair and her complexion, is in a stew about the state of her boobs.

Same thing happened to my in the flesh human friend.

“To my surprise,” she wrote to me,  “2 years after no menstrual cycles, I was struck with breast tenderness! It scared me at first but then I quickly realized the all too familiar sensation. Yikes. It was a not so gentle reminder that hormones are still present.”

Consult with your doctor about any breast pain, but more often than not, it’s the result of hormones.

There’s a bit of info here, on the site 34 Menopause Symptoms.

My own pain seems to get worse after a salty restaurant meal.  I’ve never been sensitive to salt, so it’s taken me a while to figure this out.

They do say a good bra can help, although finding a good bra is a struggle in itself.

I told marble lady I’d see what we can find for her at the mall.

Now that will be an interesting shopping trip!

Anyone else experience menopausal breast pain or swelling?

Any remedies?

Any suggestions from your doctors?


13 thoughts on “Breast Pain in Menopause”

  1. I love that this is coming from a comforting place and not a fearful place. There’s plenty of that on the interwebs, IMHO! Because I healed my own infertility (endometriosis & PCOS), I’ve been on a more natural path for a long time now. I don’t usually have PMS symptoms, where they used to be quite severe. I’m beginning to notice changes is my cycle, as I’m probably starting peri menopause at 47. As far as “the girls” go, I know that I can’t do soy, it causes me breast pain. I’ve always had lumpy breasts, and they become painful and more pronounced say, when I have my soy latte at Starbucks too frequently (I can’t do dairy). This is counterintuitive as many proclaim the benefits of soy for menopause. It is something to research and consider, however, especially for those who have encountered any estrogen-fed conditions, such as fibroids, endometriosis, certain cancers, etc., as soy is a phytoestrogen. At least that’s my understanding, though I’m not an RD or a DR. Just something to consider, as every body is different…and beautiful!!


    1. Hmm. Soy is something I hadn’t considered in myself. Will have to experiment. Thanks! Yes, sounds like peri. if you’re noticing changes. It’s all not so bad, really and the no periods is pretty nice!


      1. Yes! I do look forward to that, especially as mine inconvenienced me during #BlogHer13, TYVM! 😀 Thankfully a light one, which I seem to be having more of, so I’ll take that as something to look forward to. The less alcohol I drink 😛 and the more varied, rainbow & whole foods I eat, the less acne I have & the better I feel all around. My body definitely tells me when I get too lazy or eat out too much, dangit!


      2. Im 55 soon.In menopause.Partial hudto age 29.Ovary removed in 09.Tumor.Im on bio id pellets.I cant sleep at all yet.Im.moody.Cry.One Dr said testosterone eas high at 114.And Progesterone almost gone.I got pellets again and still im perky non stop.Have no sex drive at all.Is there a thing as testosterone blocker and ive been diagnosed as Estrogen dominant so ive tried creams n pills and nothing helps.Im a Celiac to with hypothrroidism.And p450 liver enzyme defiecncy.Please help.Dee


  2. I used to have pretty severe breast pain (lumpy breasts), but since I have entered The Great Pause, it has gone away. Although, my hot flashes went away, too, and over the past month or two I’ve gotten them back – infrequently, but still… So, we’ll see.

    Soy has been so hotly debated. I took it during peri-menopause hoping it would help. I never noticed an improvement in hot flashes, etc. with the soy supplements.

    My friend recommends Soma bras. I haven’t bought one yet, but will let you know what I find. She’s ‘heavy breasted’ and they actually stay up without straps digging into her shoulders AND they have a full back that is kind to those lovely back fat rolls. 😦


    1. Yes, didn’t want to lean on the soy too heavily in this forum, but it is a very controversial “food” (some say it doesn’t deserve to be called food at all, but Asian countries that consume plenty of it as tofu and seitan seem to have better health overall…hmmm…could it be American [GMO] soy that’s a problem?? Lack of variety? Slippery slope! Changing the subject!!). 😀

      I can attest to the Soma bras!! They ROCK!!! And I especially love the vanishing back! Expensive, but worth it!


  3. Thanks for the evening primrose oil suggestion. Soy is heavily debated and I believe the consensus now is that it is not good for you unless fermented (tempeh). Love your marble lady!! Great post! 🙂


  4. Oh to have perky breasts again! But then they wouldn’t match the rest of my sagging skin and body. I used to have a lot of breast soreness with periods, but haven’t had any soreness since menopause.
    Another plus to dwindling hormones. For me, the pluses still outweigh the negatives.


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