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Paper Plate Menopause Lady: A Craft Project

Phew!  My friend Lisa Flinn and I just turned in a manuscript to Abingdon Press for a book of children’s programs: crafts,song, stories, games, explanations, snacks, prayers.  I’m beat, but not too beat to write up one more craft, a craft just for you!  PAPER PLATE MENOPAUSE LADY!

Those old time paper plates with the fluted edges aren’t very good for serving food, but they’re great for crafts.  Google paper plate crafts + images to see paper plates turned into everything but a workable kitchen sink.  So before I give myself a break from fluted paper plates, I have a craft for you.   She’s easy.  She’s fun.  AND she will help you express your moods kindly and gently, so family and friends will have fair warning..

Color your face when you are happy and the hormones are rolling you merrily along.

Color your face when the winds of  the Great Pause are turning that smile upside down.

No need to add age spots or wrinkles, but do color or glue/tape/staple on some hair.

Add a hanger so you can wear Paper Plate Menopause Lady around your neck.

 Simply flip her to the mood that suits you at the moment.  If you like, say this poem to all you meet, by way of explanation:

If Menopause Lady sports a frown,

That means I’m feeling oh so down,

When Menopause Lady’s mouth is up,

Life’s  as happy as a  buttercup!

I’d love to see your Paper Plate Menopause Lady when she’s finished!  Do send photos!

PS. If you’re on the younger side, consider making a Paper Plate Menopause Lady or a Paper Plate Pregnancy Lady.  You’ll have to write your own poem, though.

Around the Year in Children’s Church will be out in about six months. I’ll send an update when the book is available.  Although it’s written for Children’s Church (creative programing for young kids while adults are attending the worship service),the ideas also work well for Sunday school or preschools.

20 thoughts on “Paper Plate Menopause Lady: A Craft Project”

  1. Now that Children’s Church is out,

    The Menopause Lady will again be up and about,

    There’ll be no oh so down or frowns, only happy faces and shine,

    Until that next awful book deadline.


    1. You were a poet all along,
      Now it’s time to write a song,
      Or paint a picture of our house,
      Or stitch a quilt of a mouse,
      Maybe bake a cherry pie,
      And then go out and learn to fly!


  2. Love those old paper plates. You’re right about not being good for food, though. I threw a pizza party in my office awhile back and all we had were those plates. My thick-style pizza landed in my lap :-(.

    But my favorite use of these is stapling two together so it puffs out. Then you can put hair on both sides. Not only can you flip it over when you are happy or sad – but also on those days when you would prefer to be a blond instead of a brunette!


    1. Love a three-dimensional multi-haired menopause lady. You must send me a photo of yours when she is finished!


  3. ROFL! Priceless! My mom would have loved to have one of those when she was going through menopause. She wrote a funny poem about it, too. I’ll have to see if she can find it and send it to me. I’ll share it if she’ll let me!

    And congratulations on the book! YAYAYY!


    1. Donna, How about you write me a guest post that includes your mom’s poem? No rush but I’m always looking for fun guest posts.


    1. Thanks! I’m not quite brave enough to wear her to the mall yet though, but esp. for holiday shopping, might not be a bad idea…


  4. Congratulations on the new book!! I’ve been on vacation and I’m way behind on my blog commenting…
    Which will premiere first? The book or the grandchild? So exciting!


  5. Made me chuckle lots, Will definite my have a go at this, my boyfriend always asking me why so sullen trace? I’m fine really, just menopausal darling!!


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