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One Day She… The Empowering Art of Marylou Falstreau (and a Giveaway!)

Okay, Menopause Girls, read these messages slowly and

with happy confidence! 

Meet the artist, Marylou Falstreau, here:

Check out Marylou’s website:

Giveaway: One day, I woke up and decided I was going to start blogging and support writers and artists with giveaways. For a chance to win two cards from Marylou’s Falstreau’s Women and the Hourglass Series (wrinkles and birthdays), simply post a comment by November 3 saying you’d like to win.

35 thoughts on “One Day She… The Empowering Art of Marylou Falstreau (and a Giveaway!)”

  1. Great post! Love the art work and would love to win the cards! Too bad we all have to get much older to get to the point of living outside the box.


  2. Love this artist. I had never seen her before. Thanks for introducing us to her. I bought myself a print to hang in my study but would love to win the cards also. Thanks! Congrats also on little Mazen. He is sooooo cute! Louise


  3. You have done it again, Barbara! You find the most glorious inspirational fun… did I say glorious?… artwork! I am scrolling around the website right now just itching to BUY BUY BUY (but waiting for payday, shucks.)

    I especially enjoy Ms. Marylou’s “One day she woke up…” idea because that’s exactly how it happens for me and many women I talk with. We go along, go along, go along, unhappily following some sort of script, when suddenly… one day we wake up.

    Yes, I would love to win some of these adorable, inspiring cards. I can’t wait to share this artwork with my friends and sisters! Thanks again.


  4. I KNEW this art looked familiar!!! I saw it in Bayfield, Wisconsin! 😀 It made me so happy then, and it’s making me happy again. I’m over on the online store now… I’ve got an itchy ‘Buy Now’ finger! 😉


  5. Hello lovely ladies…. thank you for your generous comments. I am grateful to Barbara for featuring my art on her blog and for introducing me to a whole new community of women. As a newly “minted” 60 year old, I am considered post menopausal, but still there are lingering, residual effects that can be quite “stunning” at times. Holy Cow….what a ride it has been! The good news is that as my body has changed so has my mind, and that is what the “Women and the Hourglass” series is all about. Now is the time to wake up to new possibilities!

    So glad Barbara has created a place for beautiful, heroic, AND middle aged women to meet. I am happy to meet you as well. Cheers to all of us!


  6. I know it is too late to win…but I wanted to post anyway. I was in a Unicef shop in Tucson today. Your cards made me smile and I bought one for my girlfriend. At 59, I really enjoyed your messages and your art. Continue to create! Wish you all the best, Mary Lou.
    Nancy Wilkinson, also an artist 🙂


  7. Menopause and “waking up” are a perfect combination. I am 65 and have some perspective on what I believe is the role of menopause in women’s lives. The physical changes of menopause make us pay attention to ourselves after years of taking care of everyone and everything before we took care of ourselves, if we ever made the time to do so.
    In menopause we wake up to our own individual needs and can become so cranky that children, spouses, partners leave us alone and discover that they really CAN take care of themselves. Wow – that discovery frees us to wake up and look at the possibilities and all the other heartfelt sentiments in Marylou’s Hourglass Women cards. It is freedom if we choose it to be and avoid the black hole of feeling “not needed” anymore.
    Barbara is a wonderful example of a woman who woke up and chose freedom, setting a great example for others. Namaste.


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